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Award-winning landscape design firm, Dirt Diva Designs would love to transform your outdoor garden environment into an oasis of personal enjoyment.  Our goal is to custom design a space that uniquely expresses who you are, allowing you to do all the things that you enjoy most.  


Extend your living from the inside to the outside and get the maximum enjoyment possible from the land you live on.  


Artfully combining beauty and function, a Dirt Diva designed garden will allow you to live in your outdoor space like you never have before, at the same time enhancing the value of your property.


This California homeowner had very fond memories of her younger years spent living in Arizona and dreamed for over 30 years of creating her own Southwest garden.  Approximately 5,000 square feet of turf were replaced with low water use plants.  Because we were planting in the heat of the summer, I could not use many California natives.  Most of the plants were shipped from Arizona.  

The crumbling front porch was replaced with one stretching the width of the house. An alley of fruit trees guide visitors along a path wide enough to contain a custom water feature and benches for social visits. This creates an approach to the house that is warm and welcoming.

This hillside property has just a minimum of space in front for planting.  The backyard has a steep slope but new retaining walls doubled the livable space.  Better mobility from the upstairs kitchen was accomplished by building a larger balcony that incorporates stairs going down to ground level.  A lovely patio space, water feature and fire pit area allow ample space for entertaining and relaxing.   






President of APLD California Chapter 
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