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Francesca Corra, APLD is a nationally certified Landscape Designer, specializing in creating private outdoor spaces for residential homeowners utilizing principles of the Watershed Approach to landscaping. This includes using climate-appropriate plants, treating all water on the property as a valuable resource and using organic materials to create healthy and absorbent soil.  


Francesca loves spending as much time as possible outside in her own garden and her goal is to create spaces for her clients to have the same enjoyment of outdoor living that she does. Her many years of international travel give her a unique perspective on design and a great appreciation for the incredible lifestyle that we have here in southern California.  


The path of creativity is one that Francesca has followed all her life, from making her own clothes from the age of eleven to designing private jet interiors.  She has found that all her interests — traveling, cooking, painting, sewing, reading — contribute to the design process.   


Francesca served for over eight years as a volunteer board member of Studio City Beautification and remains active in her neighborhood.  Even though a valley dweller, Francesca has a strong relationship with the city of Santa Monica.  It began when her design was chosen to be one of three that comprise the Santa Monica Airport Demonstration Garden. The garden is a living example that sustainable landscape practices can exist in beautiful gardens.  


Since she began her design career, Francesca has been involved in APLD, the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. APLD actively promotes the education of its members and relationships with other industry professionals.


Francesca considers herself to be a perpetual student – always on the prowl for inspiration and knowledge. She loves imagining beautiful spaces and each landscape she dreams up is completely different as they are designed specifically for the tastes, budget and lifestyles of the homeowners.  


Francesca Corra, Certified Landscape Designer


Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), 

President California Chapter 

Certified G3 Professional

EPA Certified irrigation Auditor


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